Crime Prevention Officer Talks Personal Safety At Stepping On Social

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Less than one month into the trial re-launch of our Stepping On Social chair-supported exercise class and the group have already been busy bridging gaps in knowledge, awareness and personal confidence.

Today, we had a visit from Gerry McBride, a Crime Prevention Officer at Cleveland Police, who came to talk to the group about personal safety following on from recent reports about a lady having her handbag stolen in the local High Street.

Gerry shows some of the group how to work the personal safety alarm.

Gerry talked to the group about personal safety awareness when out and about, put the risk of personal attacks into perspective and discussed safety in the home. He shared his personal safety 3 A’s as something to consider while out and about, they are:




It is important to be aware of what is going on around you and who is nearby so that you are able to anticipate any potential problems and then take action to avoid any situations.

Margaret, the group member who made a point to reach out to the local police and went on to arrange the talk for the group, said “As I am getting older, I have become more aware of personal safety when out walking on my own. I thought an alarm would be a good idea but when Cleveland Police put me in touch with Gerry, who offered his services to talk to our group and make us aware of issues that could concern us, I just thought that would benefit everyone.”

Liz later shared the following message to the WhatsApp social group, “Thank you Alison and thank you Margaret for organising the visit, a very useful exercise in safety.”

The talk by Gerry was very informative and making links within the community is really important. We are looking forward to welcoming his colleague from Cleveland Police to deliver a talk on Scam Awareness, a problem that is getting out of control and posing a huge risk to financial security of older people.

Following the session, brand new group member Julie shared the following link from BBC Morning Live about a new scam catching people out Scroll along to 3 minutes 50 seconds to watch the piece.

Thank you to Margaret for organising the talk, Gerry for delivering the talk and providing personal safety alarms, and everyone who brought nibbles to make it a more socially engaging afternoon.


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