On Monday 6th December, Hand In Hand Activities CIC hosted a wreath making workshop at The Institute, Grays Road, Grangefield and delivered by Katherine Fox.

VIDEO: Photograph Slideshow of Wreath Making Workshop

Prior to the session, Katherine set out the tables with oasis wreath rings, greenery and festive additions to make sure there was plenty to go around. At the start of the session, we made sure that festive music was playing and everyone had access to hot drinks and sweet treats before Katherine, our teacher for the session, started talking the group through the process of making a festive wreath or table centrepiece.

Very quickly, the group were actively hands on strategically placing festive greenery in the oasis base and laying out their additions of dried orange slices, pine cones and holly sprigs. Once everyone was hard at work, we circulated with fresh hot drinks and sweet treats to keep the energy up.

Some of the group had brought their own personal decorations from home to make their wreath or centrepiece more personal to them while others used the dried additions provided.

One participant, who joined last minute, commented that she was really pleased that she decided to attend as she had thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon. Huge thanks to Katherine and everyone who supported the event.

We hope that everyone who took part in the wreath making workshop also enjoyed the experience and are happy with their creations. We look forward to seeing photographs of them in situ over the coming days.

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Liz Foulger · December 6, 2021 at 8:21 pm

Had a great afternoon at the wreath or table centre workshop you had the choice of which you did. Katherine had brought all the essentials to complete this task. She then gave us guidance to how to start to fill the Oasis out, once the greenery was.in place we then placed the trimmings on, either as we wanted or asking advice on where Katherine thought they should be placed for balance. We all came away happy with.ourselves for managing to produce something as nice as these were. Thank you Alison for arranging this enjoyable afternoon and keeping us hydrated with hot drinks.

Liz Wood · December 6, 2021 at 9:04 pm

A great afternoon spent in good company. Katherine set us away making a basic shape with pieces of spruce in our oasis ring. We were encouraged to be creative with the other foliage and dried additions. Guidance was given when needed whilst being mindful not to influence the finished wreath. A great tip was to place the wreath on the floor to view it from above. I was then better able to see where to place more foliage to give a better balanced picture. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be creative with something different and learn a new skill.

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